WIZ-KIDS is a non-profit teaching chess to kids in after-school chess clubs,
camps and private lessons in & around the Denver Colorado area.
  We teach to over 100 students each year and have a well-developed approach. 
   We are passionate about inspiring kids to learn and reach their highest potential. We care for each child's progress - as a chess player and as a person - so we also emphasize the many vital life lessons that can be learned in chess. 
   Through chess your child will learn invaluable skills they will use throughout their life.  Chess has been proven to raise kids' math test scores by 17%, & also IQs
  and overall cognitive abilities! [1]   >See where we teach.  >Our coaches.
   Our aim is to turn kids into  Wiz Kids
Young Wizards in training!

"More than teaching kids a game, we're preparing them to succeed in life."

Prepare Your Child For Success With Chess!

     We show kids that learning can be FUN!
We strive with compassion to see that each student has a good time as well as learning a lot. Chess naturally makes learning fun, and the thinking abilities and lessons learned in chess are used everyday.  The benefits of chess enriches kids for all their years to come! [Learn more.]  Our experienced coaching staff strives to impart these lessons, highlight the skills they're learning, and make it a fun experience every step of the way. 

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Learn the essentials of sound chess play right away!  Perfect for any child who will be attending a WIZ-KIDS chess club to get down the essentials and be ready to excel

Park 'em in front and ask what they learned!