Prepare Your Child For Success With Chess!


  WIZ-KIDS has taught at over 30 Colorado schools and is bringing its unique program to more schools all the time. WIZ-KIDS was founded in 2009 by coach Rowan (Brian) Tate to teach kids essential life skills and lessons through a fun study of chess. Our lesson plan has been developed and honed over the past 9 years by Rowan, and gives students the Grandmaster fundamentals of good chess play in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Passion is the Key We are all very passionate about chess, and enthusiastically share this passion with our students, inspiring them to a love of chess and a love of learning.  This passion is key to making learning fun and engaging for the kids. 

Compassion is Crucial In line with our nonprofit intentions, we put compassion into our work.  We give positive encouragement to our students at every step, and take special care to make sure each child is learning and having a good time. We feel this caring attention is vital in each child's self-esteem and life-long success.

As for safety, we are insured and each of our coaches is not only a trusted friend but is screened with a comprehensive background check.

Giving & Enriching
How do we give to the community?  First, we offer 50% (or more) reduced admission to low-income families (on free/reduced lunch).  This is to help enable everyone to gain the amazing benefits of chess.
It is our way of helping overcome poverty, too, as the single greatest link with poverty is lack of education. Since chess classes have proven to increase IQs (etc.), it will make young ones smarter, so they are able to create plans (as they do in chess) to improve their and their families' lives.

  Currently we are raising money to fund and further these projects:
> Sponsor chess clubs by providing free or 75 - 95% reduced rate chess clubs, as well as chess sets and instruction materials to low-income areas and disadvantaged children
> Hosting Free, Community Chess-Event Days - Tournaments with lessons - open to everyone (4 so far).
> Sending books to kids in Africa!  We have worked with Ethiopia Reads to send more than 50 books so far.  A small start that can yet touch many lives!    

WIZ-KIDS has ran chess clubs at over 40 Colorado schools.  To name some:


  • Dennison Elementary(3+ years)
  • Bradford Intermediate 
  • Bear Creek K-8
  • Hutchinson Elementary
  • Stott Elementary

  • Global Village Academy (3+ years)
  • Vanguard Classical School
  • Highline Academy
  • ​Denver Green School
  • Swigert International
  • Isabella-Bird
  • Mcmeen Elementary
  • University Park Elementary

     St. Vrain

  • Red Hawk Elementary (3+ years)
  • Burlington Elementary (2+ years)
  • Central Elementary
  • Longmont Estates
  • Black Rock Elementary
  • Sanborn Elementary
  • Carbon Valley Academy

                Boulder County

  • Mackintosh Academy!
  • Jarrow Montessori
  • Friend's Schooll
  • Flatirons Elementary
  • Horizons K-8
  • Edlorado Elementary
  • Coal Creek Elementary


  • Rocky Mountain Academy
  • Montessori of Evergreen (coming soon)