Prepare Your Child For Success With Chess!

Benefits of Chess
We believe chess should be a part of every child's education.  Few things are
effective as chess at training one's mind.  Chess has been proven to increase
overall cognitive abilities, raise kid's math test scores by over 17%, and
actually increase their IQ![reference] 

Life Skills
Chess is almost unparalleled at improving a student’s ability to think and
perform well in school.  Through chess kids get better at:
Concentration/Focus, Critical thinking, Planning ahead, Creative problem-solving, Creative imagination, Making sound decisions, and more.
These skills will help kids improve performance in all of their subjects, and will aptly prepare them for everything they do in their most important subject - life.

Life Lessons
Wiz Kids has a unique appeal to parents because it further emphasizes kids learning important life lessons that they will take with them the rest of their life. Some of those life lessons that chess teaches naturally and that we encourage specifically are to:
Think before you act; Take responsibility for your actions; See it's not about winning or losing, but learning; Consider others' plans (and their words), not just your own; Know that knowledge is power; Have self-confidence in being smart, which nothing can take away; & Find that learning can be FUN and rewarding!
We also encourage good conduct, to always treating people with respect.  In all, this makes kids not only better chess players but more responsible and happy, successful individuals.

We are always glad and honored to provide this wonderful learning opportunity to kids.  Click here to see about enrolling today.