A 10-Tourney Series

Teaching Tournaments - where players get a fun lesson
in the fundamentals of chess before the start.

With Trophies & Prizes for those scoring
highest cumulative scores of all 10 tournaments.


At Colorado Adventure Point
10455 West 6th Avenue, Lakewood

12pm - 5pm

4-Round Swiss Tournament (with 5th Round tie-breakers)

Rated? & Unrated(K-3 & 4-8) Sections. Trophies for each!

Event starts
at 12:00pm.Round 1 at ~1pm,
following rounds start roughly on the hour.

A whole day's fun, full of learning
and challenging games for $15

              2015-2016  Tournament Series Schedule


#1:  August 22  “Road to Improvement”                   
#2:  September 19
"Eliminating Mistakes"

#3:  October 17  "Persistence Pays"
#4:  November 7
"Staying Humble"
#5:  December 12
"Safe and Steady"  (moved from Dec 5)
#6:  January 23
"Genius Takes Work"
#7:  February 27
#8:  March 19
"The Game of Kings"
#9:  April 23
"Pressure is Power"
#10:  May 14
"Experience Builds"

Then, on May 28, join us for the 2nd annual 

WIZ-KIDS 2016 Chess Championship!

              Please register by filling out form on the right--->

Coach Rowan Tate will give a chess lesson and talk related to the theme of each tournament, giving any player who attends this series a well-rounded education in succeeding in chess and in life...

There is free WIFI, and you are welcome to stay, or drop kids off (ages 8+ preferably). Please pack them a lunch/snacks, and drinks with a lid are ok.  As always, I will try to play with or analyze the games of those kids who have a 'bye' that round or who finish early, so they get a free mini-private lesson!

Any questions at all, please email me here,

or call/text 720-431-1008.  Thank you!

To look up your Rating, click here.

To decide about becoming rated, it is generally recommended that a player first play numerous tournaments in the Unrated section, until one is outperforming many of the players there. 
The competition in the rated sections will mostly be much stronger. 

Tournament Registration Form

You may pay cash or check (made out to WIZ KIDS) at the tournament site, for one or multiple tournaments.  This is preferred; however you can certainly also make payment here via PayPal (input total manually).  
If on Free/Reduced Lunch at school, just pay $7.50 per child per tournament.  Thank you.

Once you click submit, consider your child(ren) enrolled! 
Thanks for pre-registering, and thanks for giving your child the chance to play, learn and grow through chess!

WIZ-KIDS 2015-2016 Tournament Series!

Prepare Your Child For Success With Chess!

                       Why Chess Tournaments?

A fun, engaging and memorable way to spend the Saturday!

Tournaments are like going to a soccer match after months of practice: it's by far the most exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding!  They are also a time of personal GROWTH, as each child has to rely on only their self to accomplish the feat of playing their best chess in all their games.
Tournaments are like a marathon for the brain!  However even young kids can finish all four rounds as it is so engrossing.

        Teaching Tournaments  -  Maximize Learning !
 More than just a tournament -- at these events, Coach Rowan also teaches important lessons, helping students  learn to excel in tournament play.  Rowan will show a famous Grandmaster game, or play a live game which the kids love, with detailed explanations of why the moves are being played and how students could find these moves on their own!

Open to semi-beginner and experienced tournament players alike.